Writer. Photographer. Traveler.

Every day, I work on my life's dream: to create (writing & photography), to experience as many cultures and countries as possible (30 countries to date) and to make a difference in the world (right now: helping Girl Scouts learn about travel).


My life is a collage of fulfilling roles: writer, photographer, traveler--to name a few. This website aims to bring together these complimentary pursuits, as they continue to feed each other and expand my professional life.

San Gimignano, Italy
Year by year, the vines creep, overtaking the window, hiding the brick.
Kenya Lioness
She watched me from her morning perch, and I felt the mingling of awe and fear.
Farm Trio
The perfect trio, as the dandelion ignores the human attempt to fence it in.
Fall Reflection
The still waters of a Michigan lake ripple with the magenta fall.
Denmark Fountain
Come, sit and drink. I will tell you a tale.
Wrigley Reflection
On an early fall day, the water reflects the beauty of both lily and architecture.
To stack stones takes patience, stillness.
Trafalgar Square
Feed the birds or not, they are there in the hundreds.
Roof Mosaic
Time turns roof tiles into a mosaic of color and age.
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