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As a voracious traveler, I am inspired by seeing the familiar with a fresh perspective and encountering the unfamiliar with awe & wonder.


I am drawn to the unexpected, subtle textures, and contrasts:


  • wildlife—the lion in Kenya and the cardinal in my backyard;

  • architecture—the fading facades, the juxtaposition of old and new;

  • landscapes—the vivid sunset on Lake Michigan and the stark contrast of mountains to sky.


My photographs embrace your own wanderlust and curiosity. Perhaps you feel nostalgia for a place once visited, or perhaps a photograph makes you yearn for an unfamiliar place. Whatever your inspiration, I hope you will find an image to tease your curiosity.


Where to Purchase Photographs

You can often find me at fairs and markets throughout the city, and I will post upcoming events on my events page, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

My photographs are available matted and framed, or matted only. I choose repurposed and antique frames that fit the character of each individual photograph. The photographs shown below are only a sample of the series available for framing for your office, home, or commercial space.

To set up a private consultation, to inquire about pricing, and to view additional pieces, please send an inquiry via the contact page.

Window Series

Europe Series

Chicago Series

Africa Series

Architecture Series

Bench Series

Bike Series

Wine Series

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