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Novelist. Poet. Essayist.



I am a professional and creative writer living in Chicago, IL. I received a MA in English from Rhodes University in South Africa and a MFA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago.

As a writer, my work centers around the importance of narrative—whether my own personal story, the re-envisioned voices of my ancestors, or the adventures of a fictional character. As a novelist, I am currently writing in the romance genre, combining my passions for a good love story and for international travel. As an essayist, I am writing a personal memoir and continue to work on travel essays.

In 2021, I was chosen as a Mentee for the Romance Writers of America RAMP program. I am a member of Chicago-North Romance Writers and Contemporary Romance Writers.

In 2013, I received a two-week residency at the Vermont Studio Center and an Illinois Arts Council Grant.

In Chicago, I participate in Poems While You Wait, a group of local poets who do typewritten poems on demand.

For a list of creative writing publications, visit the "bio" page.

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Writing Samples

Here are some examples of my published professional writing.


Brochure                                                      Appeal Letter

Written for Victories                                 Written for Victories

2019                                                              2019

                        Article                                                           Interview

                        "Fall Colors & Local Wines"                     "Andrew Harvey"

                        Written for Mindful                                   Written for Mindful Metropolis

                        Metropolis                                                    2009


                        Restaurant Review                                     Article

                        "El Nuevo Mexicano"                                "Poetry Month"

                        Written for Mindful                                   Written for Mindful Metropolis

                        Metropolis                                                    2010


                       Essay                                                              Press Release

                       "Investing in Each Other"                          "Green Metropolis Fair"

                       Written for Mindful                                    Written for Green Metropolis

                       Metropolis                                                     Fair

                       2009                                                               2012


Freelance Editor

Do you need help editing your thesis, manuscript, or other professional and creative projects? As a skilled writer, teacher, and editor, I am an ally in helping take your drafted work to its final stages. For further details on my availability and pricing, please contact me with your project details.



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