Olive Groves and 30

The next photo/essay/video is up: "Olive Groves and 30." Travel along with me as I visit Tuscany with friends before my 30th birthday. This travel journey takes us through Lucignano, Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Sienna, and San Gimignano.

The Blizzard Wedding

Listen along as I take you on my journey from England to Sweden during a blizzard to attend my friend’s wedding. This video contains photographs from my trip!

What Coronavirus Reminds Us about Travel

We are currently living in a daily state of health and travel updates. For those with travel plans on the books, each day brings new information and challenges. Trips, conferences, and festivals are being cancelled. Airlines are cutting flights. Museums and other public places are shutting their doors. Yet, despite all of this, someday (hopefully soon), this crisis will pass, and we will choose to travel again. We will book new flights, take out good travel insurance, and make big plans. For those of us who love to travel, we will go on experiencing the world. As we move into a new travel future, it’s helpful to remember how to prepare for your own health and safety. Perhaps you’ve always be

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